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“My successful experience with ICSI.” Narrated by one of Rahm Center’s clients

Rahm Center is considered one of the best centres specialised in treating infertility and weak reproductive capacity in Egypt and the Arab world. With its expert medical staff, which includes a group of the best doctors specialized in the field of fertility and treatment of delayed childbearing using various assisted reproduction techniques.

Activating the ovaries for pregnancy and determining the sex of the fetus. Two technologies contributed to achieving the dream of having children

Dina received the news that she was pregnant with a boy with great happiness, and the news that the team of doctors at the Rahm Center delivered to her. She had dreamed of giving birth to a boy after her twin daughters, despite her suffering from ovarian cysts, which prevented her from getting pregnant naturally. What is her story? “Dina” is a 26-year-old wife who had a second child despite suffering from ovarian cysts. She welcomed the idea of ​​sharing her successful experience with the Rahim Center, which was able to stimulate her ovaries and stimulate pregnancy despite her disease.

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At Rahm Center, our vision is to be at the top of the distinguished scientific centers in the field
Helping fertility not only in Egypt but in the world

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