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The Best quality in Rahem Laboratory

We have the best triple gaz incubators, the best updated inverted microscope in the world. As well as the best laminar flow with necessary optimal requirements for embryo, oocyte and sperm culture
The quality of air in the laboratory is of paramount importance. To have the best environment for the embryos, there are specifications for everything in the lab. We are very keen to be updated in the best specifications.

We don’t only follow advancements, we participate in making them

We did a lot of top quality researches. They were published in the highest quality journals in the world (USA and Europe). And these studies were presented in the best conferences in the world, in USA (American Society of Reproductive Medicine, ASRM), Europe (ESHRE) and Middle East (MEFS meetings). www.emanelgindy.com

Patient Testimonials

Rahem Fertility Center is one of the best places , God bless Dr. Eman Elgendy

Nessma Kamel

اد ايمان الجندي تتمتع بخبرة واسعة في مجال الحقن المجهري بالاضافة الى ميل غريزي للاتقان و تتلمذت على مدارس عالمية متعددة ولها اتصالات واسعة كفيلة بتحقيق اعلى النتائج في مركز رحم

Hassan Ali Maghraby

Thanks to Dr.Eman Elgendy I'm now a mother to the most beautiful Sara after very long & hard years of trying IVF in other fertility Centers & failing , she is really Hardworking and excel in her profession , she is the reason I'm a mother right now after god's will , I wish her all the best

Sara Mohamed

احلى مركز في الدنيا كان السبب اني اكون اب ربنا بعتلي احلى بنتين فى الدنيا علا و فرح

‎محمد السيد ‎

More About Rahem Centre

Each couple is specific. Patient tailored management strategy and stimulation protocols are very integral for each couple.
For husband,if there are very few sperm or noncountable sperm, we freeze more than one sample before ICSI. Chromosomal analysis is asked for in very special analysis and azospermia. If there are chromosomal malformations, we ask for PGD

For wife:
treatment for any hormonal disturbances, if present
Very careful examination of wife. Some conditions must be delt with first before starting stimulation eg hydrosalpinx (chronic inflammation in tube) or endometrial polyps
Evaluation of ovarian reserve. The best two tests (according to evidence based medicine) are AMH and AFC. This is important for better tailoring the best stimulation protocol
Decide which is optimal protocol with strict follow up
We watch carefully for the rise of progesterone hormone on day of HCG. If increased, we transfer on day 5 or vitrify all embryos
Day of transfer is determined according to response and number of good quality embryos on day 2-3
Then good luteal support
Vitrification of extra embryos is very important to increase cumulative pregnancy rates

What I liked most in the field of assisted reproduction is that it is one of the most developing fields worldwide. We witness marvelous advances daily which are beautifully translated to help infertile couples. In Rahem Fertility Center, we don’t only follow and apply established advancements; but we also participate in making these advances. We lead research and development in the field of assisted reproduction. We present distinguished studies in top conferences in USA, Europe, and Middle East and we publish these studies in the highest quality journals.
We believe that we have a commitment generally towards our society and especially to our patients who have honored us with their highly valued trust. We apply the highest efficient modern techniques of the highest quality, to achieve the highest possible rates of successful pregnancy. We know that, each couple is unique and we tailor and individualize fertility treatments in accordance to our patients’ specific circumstances. We understand the difficulties associated with Infertility diagnosis and treatment, and in Rahem Fertility Center, we are committed to offering the emotional support and care that our patients deserve

Working in the field of assisted reproduction requires a complete specialized team of highly trained individuals and we are proud of this team. It will always be our first priority to provide the highest quality of care reflected by occurrence of the highest pregnancy rate.
The beauty of science is when it is translated to a tangible reality. And the most beautiful thing on earth is the birth of a newborn baby. We are extremely committed to do everything we can to serve our patients who have put their highly valued trust in us

Prof Eman Elgindy, MD, PhD is consultant of reproductive medicine, professor Obstetrics and Gynecology, Zagazig University and Clinical Director of Rahem Fertility Cenet. She started in this field for almost twenty year. She obtained her MD in this field, and the subject was (correlation between oocyte morphology and fertilization rate and embryo quality in cases of ICSI). This work was presented in Tours, France in 1999. She also had PhD in reproductive Medicine from Maastricht University in 2013. The subject was optimization of ICSI outcome using 5 different approaches. Dr Elgindy authored or co-authored many research studies published in both national and international journals and her research interests include ovarian reserve, optimizing controlled ovarian stimulation protocols and fertility preservation. She has been a reviewer for RBM online and MEFS journals and a member of MEFS board from 2013 until 2015. In 2008 she received the Middle East Fertility Society Research Award for the best research in the field of human reproduction. The University of Zagazig offered Dr Elgindy the Certificate of Distinction in the field of medical sciences in 2012.Prof Eman Elgindy is the editor of MEFS news (www.mefs.org). You will find the latest news, the up to date evidence and the best practice of the vital topics in the field of assisted reproduction
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